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My Philosophy

Success comes from taking it one rep at a time, one set at a time, one meal at a time, and ultimately one day at a time.

“Sweating, breathing hard, body aching, minutes crawling… it’s a workout! A fitness experience where you will be left wondering why you didn’t start sooner. Maybe, maybe not, but you know you’re doing your body good, and that you’re in great hands. This is the first step you take in achieving your goals of looking and feeling the way you’ve always wanted to. Congratulate yourself. Some may say that it’s only the first step, but know that you are one step closer to realizing your goals than you were before the workout. Even world class runners have to take one step at a time to win the race.”

-David H Kim

It all started one day fifteen years ago when I picked up a bodybuilding magazine and knew what I was meant to do. Having trained people in health clubs, offices, and homes, I tell you it’s not about the equipment. It’s about understanding your client’s body and needs, and having the right creative mind to train a client whenever and wherever to achieve their goals.

My Training

I believe in functional training. Trends and fads come and go, but the human body is still the same. The reality is, most everything works, but not everything will work all the time for you. Workout routines are everywhere. That’s not why you hire a personal trainer. You hire a trainer to get results, and it’s different for everybody.

“I sought three things when I went to find a personal trainer: someone who would push me, someone who would train me in ways I couldn’t find in the latest issue of Men’s Health and someone who could be flexible. David is all those things and then some. I have become healthier and stronger as result of my workouts with David. He comes to me and works within my busy schedule. When I am traveling he gives me workouts I can do on the road. He even offers diet suggestions to help me achieve my maximum performance.

In short, the best thing I can say about David is, when it comes to my fitness goals, he is my partner.”

-Carlos B. (Chicago)

My Bottom Line

My name is more important to me than any dollar amount. I believe a trainer is only as good as his last client. When you work with me, you’re with a trainer who will care more about your progress than you do. I want you to be in the best shape of your life and I want you to be serious about that, too. We’re looking to brag about that hard body, but we’re also looking to brag about how hard you worked to get it.

“I had been telling myself for a while I was not happy with how I looked, and this would be the year I would change that. Year after year passed until I realized I was not doing it by myself. After meeting with David and discussing possible training options, I realized he was the kind of push I needed to keep me going, to keep me devoted to what I had always wanted. With a training plan catered to me, unlike the cookie-cutter plans at many gyms, David helped me see results rather quickly. The focus and determination he has during training sessions helps you along even on days when you are feeling less than energetic. Having a trainer who wants you to succeed, just as much as you do, really helps you mentally when you begin to be tested at new physical heights. Training is a dedication that includes many different parts of your life and David takes all of them into consideration, helping you become truly what you want to be.”

-Zack K. (Chicago)