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Training Rates

Training sessions are one hour long sessions, tailor made to help you reach your goals and your goals only. The option for a 10 minute stretch at the end of the session is available to the client and strongly encouraged.

Partner training is available, but limited to two people at a time.

Individual sessions: $65 per session
Individual sessions discount: $450 for 8 sessions
Individual sessions best value: $600 for 12 sessions

Partner sessions: $100 per session
Partner sessions discount: $675 for 8 sessions
Partner sessions best value: $900 for 12 sessions

Program Setup

After a consultation meeting, this entails a workout program fit to the client’s goals, with 2 sessions to walk through the workout ensuring the efficiency of the program. This is great for clients who just need a change of pace in their own training.

Program setup: $125 with 2 sessions

Online Training

This program allows clients outside of the Chicago area to still be trained by me via email and phone. A workout program and healthy eating guide will be set up, and continuing guidance and availability throughout the span of 30 days.

Online training: $75 per month

Facility Cost

For those who do not have access to their own facilities, the following facilities are available at an additional cost: BodyFit Athletic Club on the North Side of Chicago, and River West Fitness Studio in the West Loop. Other locations may be requested, and using client’s own facility carries no extra charge.

Facility cost: $15 per session (if necessary)