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How long will it be before I see results?

I never give a firm answer to this question, but if you’re not seeing some kind of physical progress within a month of committed training, you’re on the wrong path.

My former trainer used to talk to someone else while training me. How are you different?

No phone calls, no socializing, no endless chitchat. Ever see a trainer go talk to someone else while his client is working out ten feet away or text away? Not here. My time is your time.

How often do I need to train?

This all depends on your schedule. We plan according to your lifestyle. More is not always better- better is better.

Can you help me with my diet?

The 70/30 Rule. I believe that in order to achieve that body you want so badly, there is a 70% nutrition and 30% training ratio that needs to be balanced. As a trainer, I’ll cover the basics in nutrition, but if a client needs more help in dieting and nutrition, I can help find the best nutritionists for you.

I don’t have any equipment at home. Can you still train me?

In home training can be just as effective. It just requires a creative and adaptive mind. Privacy, comfort, security and convenience are the main reasons why many clients choose to work out in their homes, or at a facility in their buildings. My motto is “whatever works.” See for yourself what I mean.

Do you have a facility I can come to?

There are two facilities I use: BodyFit Athletic Club on the North Side of Chicago and River West Fitness Studio in the West Loop. No membership necessary to train with me there, but cost adjustments will be made during consultation for facility costs.